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He Stands Alone

What school sport make its demand on the individual? Amateur wrestling does!

When a boy walks onto the mat, HE STANDS ALONE.

No one will run interference for him. No one will pass the ball when he is under the net. No one will catch a high fly if he makes a bad pitch. He stands alone.

In other  school sports, where individual scores are kept, the contest is determined in time, distance and height. But in wrestling the score is kept on the boy's ability to overcome an opponent in hand to hand contest...where a two second interval at any time could mean a loss or a WIN. If an opponent gains an advantage there will be no timeout...and all can be lost in two seconds. Yes, the boy stands alone.

There is no place on a wrestling team for a show-off, the half-hearted, or the weakling. When the whistle blows, a boy puts his ability, his determination, and his courage on the line.

We who are close to the young men on our school wrestling team have watched the range of human emotions from elation to heartbreak.

We have seen coaches with tears running from their eyes as they tried to console a young man who has given his all...yet lost. He has become a man. Wrestling is a tough, hard sport, and like life, it is the survival of the fittest. The young man who enters the LCN Wrestling Club and stays with the team knows this. He knows that when the time comes and the whistle blows...

He Stands Alone

HOW BAD do I want to Be GOOD??

There comes a time in every wrestler's life that he must ask himself, "How bad do I want to win it all?" Then he must ask himself, "What am I willing to do to win it all?" If you truly have the desire to win it all, you must put yourself in a situation to be able to do so. That place is the LCN wrestling club. There is no other place that offers this unique opportunity for you to put yourself in a position to win it all. You and only you can take this opportunity to make yourself better than your competition. You will learn from some of the best that wrestling has to offer. You will begin to understand what you must do to reach the goals you set. No one else can do this for you. Only you can do it for yourself. Something else you might want to think about, if you are not taking your training seriously and your strongest competitor is; who do you think earned the right to stand on the highest step at the tournament?